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Below is Our Menus & Snacks

At the Country Cottage Day Nursery the children receive 4 meals per day:-

Breakfast Club

Morning Snack


Afternoon Snack

Our food is supplied by Early Day Foods, please see copies below

4 week rolling menu 2019

Early Day Foods


Week 1

Monday-             Creamy Chicken and Tomato Pasta

Tuesday-             Beef Lasagne

Wednesday-      Broccoli Casserole and Mash

Thursday-            Sausage Hotpot

Friday-                  Smokey Fish Pie


Week 2

Monday-             Sweet and sour Chicken and Rice

Tuesday-             Cottage Pie

Wednesday-      Cheesy Cauliflower Hotpot

Thursday-            Irish stew and Mash

Friday-                  Fish Cakes & Mash & Veg & Gravy


Week 3

Monday-             Chicken Dinner and Mash

Tuesday-             Beef Casserole and Mash

Wednesday-      Pasta Marina and Garlic Bread

Thursday-            Sausage and onion gravy and Mash

Friday-                  Salmon Tomato Pasta


Week 4

Monday-             Chicken Casserole and Mash

Tuesday-             Beef Pasta Bolognaise

Wednesday-      Chickpea and butternut squash Curry served with fluffy rice

Thursday-            Meatballs, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Mash

Friday-                  Fish fingers and mash and plain gravy

Snack Menu

Week 1

Monday- Custard served with mandarin oranges and pear


Tuesday- Filled brioche Rolls with cheese and Ham

Served with apple and banana


Wednesday- Toasted muffins with jam or cheese

Served with pineapple and melon


Thursday- Selection of assorted sandwiches with carrot sticks


Friday- Yogurts served with fruit cocktail


New Snack Menu

September 2020

Week 2

Monday- cheese and ham baguette served with banana


Tuesday- Assorted sandwiches served with mixed fruit cocktail


Wednesday- Cheese and crackers served with apple and mandarin oranges


Thursday- Toasted bagels with jam served with pear


Friday- Wheaten bread served with cheese and pineapple

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