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Our Rooms & Activitys

Baby and Wobbler Room
Our 0-2 year old room cares for babies from 8 weeks to 2 years of age. We have a seperate sleep room the is connected to the room with cots, dim lightening and soothing music to ensure that your child has a good quality sleep and is safe.
This room is bright and colourful and the babies are always adding new art work to the walls. We have also opened another play room which caters for children who are mobile and this room can hold 5 wobbler children

Toddler Room
The toddler room is a cosy, welcoming environment where children are supported and encouraged to learn and develop at their own pace. Activities are planned to meet the individual needs of learners while simple challenges help to develop self esteem and foster a Sense of accomplishment.

We can cater for up to 10 children. The required staff ratio for this room is one staff to 5 children. The toddler room is bright and spacious and children have a room routine which staff follow. Children also have the option of sleeping in this room and we provide soft bedding mats for this; the children who do not sleep have the option of quiet time.

Our toddler room has direct access to our outdoor play area

Pre-School Room 1

 (3-5 year olds) The preschool room caters for 12 children. The required staffing ratio for this room is one staff to 8 children. In this room there is a large open-plan play area, incorporating reading areas, a home corner, craft and drawing areas and space for general play.

The age groupings are flexible in according to the needs and development of the individual children. 

Some of the children in this room attend local playgroups and nurseries, we offer a drop off and collection from these schools.

This is a bright, spacious and welcoming room.

Afterschool 1 and Afterschool 2 Room
These rooms are for our primary 1 to primary 7 children and are located on the first level of the nursery.

It is bright and spacious and we can take 14 in afterschool 1 and 8 in afterschool 2 room.

This room is open from 2pm, Monday to Friday during term time and at holiday time this is open on a full day basis. We do collection from schools and when the children are brought to us they have the option of homework club if requested by the parents.

Outdoor Play Area
The Country Cottage Day Nursery has a strong focus on outdoor play. We have a play area and a garden area with a jungle gym and artificial grass, both is enclosed and secure. Both of the areas are well equipped with a variety of wheeled toys and other play equipment.

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